The Room on RUE AMELIE by: Kristin Harmel

The Room on Rue Amélie

This is the first book I have read by author Kristin Harmel, but it will not be my last. Harmel wrote a novel that gives voice to the many, many people who lived through World War II in Europe. She takes three characters who give different perspectives on the war and blends their lives and their circumstances into one amazing story. The historical aspects of the novel draw the reader in and makes it seem that you too are in the room on Rue Amelie. As a reader I loved the small details that she includes to make you better understand the setting and the events that transpire in the novel. To say that I enjoyed the book would be to trivialize it. The story drew me in and made it difficult for me to put down. If you love historical fiction, or an amazing story with characters you won’t soon forget then this is one to put on your to-read shelf.


Love and Other Words by: Christina Lauren


4 Stars

I have always been a fan of Christina Lauren’s writing style so I looked forward to this book. I was not disappointed although it is a departure from the type of books I have read by this author before. I found the characters to be well developed and the story very engaging. Macy and Elliot meet when they are young teens and have an immediate connection. They become the best of friends sharing a love of literature. As they mature their friendship continues to grow, but distance between them begins to pull them apart. Events unfold that cause them to go their separate ways and more than a decade later they meet again. The question the reader must answer is if there is anything left of Macy and Elliot’s love or if events of their past are too large to overcome. Lauren builds the story by alternating the present with what happened in the past, which makes the reader want the gaps to fill in as fast as possible. As I read this novel I kept asking myself what was so bad that caused two people who seem in love to not see each other for a decade. I would recommend this novel to anyone that loves chick-lit, contemporary romance, new adult or just a really good read.